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Ecotone Renewables

Soil Sauce

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Sustainably produced and locally sourced liquid fertilizer. Packed with a healthy microbiome of bacteria and microbes. Perfect for improving plant growth, soil remediation, and compost acceleration.

Soil Applications:

We recommend diluting Soil Sauce 1:4 with water (1 gallon of Soil Sauce mixed with 4 gallons of water) and watering your garden and indoor plants with the mixture after a heavy rain or watering. Repeat this process every other week as needed to optimize plant growth.

BUT if you're feeling lazy you can just pour this right on your plant!

Hydroponics Applications:

We recommend 4-6% (10-15 Tbs/gal) reservoir concentration of Soil Sauce for most vegetables and herbs, increasing with plant growth. Reservoir water should be replaced every 2-4 weeks.

Soil Sauce Facts:

pH level of 7.1 and an NPK level of 0.1-0.1-0.1

For Home Gardeners:

Great for houseplants just apply every time you water with a 1:4 Soil Sauce to water ratio. 

For gardens use 1 gallon of Soil Sauce mixed with 4 gallons of water. This works well for a 100 sqft garden bed (10’x10’). Applied twice a month, 4-6 months/year

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