Ecotone Renewables provides drop-off sites for residents, restaurants, and neighborhood facilities that want to keep food waste out of landfills. Food waste is processed in an anaerobic digester and converted into organic fertilizer.  To drop off food waste at any of the Ecotone Renewables ZEUS systems register here. 

  • Collect Your Food Waste

    Take the wasted food from your kitchen that normally ends up in landfills, emitting dangerous methane gas into the atmosphere and bring it to us. We take the discarded waste, add water, and mix it in our grinding station.

  • Drop Off at our Processor

    Ecotone Renewables have set up two systems in the Pittsburgh area. To date, we have processed over 10 tons of food waste, and diverted 39,000 lb of CO2 emissions the equivalent of driving around the world almost 5 times.

  • Produce Organic Fertilizer

    Soil Sauce is a sustainable and affordable liquid plant fertilizer that is OMRI Certified Organic. Naturally produced from food waste in our anaerobic digestion system known as the Seahorse.

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We Have Locations Near You

Ecotone Renewables currently services the following areas with drop off locations in the Pittsburgh area. More coming soon.