Meet the Team!


Kareem Rabbat


Sasha Cohen Ioannides


Kyle Wyche


Rob Davis

Nutrient Specialist

Kareem Rabbat is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying Environmental Engineering with an Engineering for Humanity certificate. He has designed and launched aquaponics systems in Brazil and the U.S., and is a certified operator of anaerobic digesters. As our CIO, he strives to innovate our systems to maximize energy output, conserve resources, and close all loops.

Sasha is a behavioral scientist with a passion for sustainable agriculture solutions. She’s inspired by UN SDGs 2, 8, 11, 12, and 13. She has worked to create solutions in agriculture and education in the U.S., Israel, Spain, Norway, India, and the Philippines.

Rob is an ecology & evolution and environmental studies double major at Pitt. He specializes in digester operation as well as indoor growth methods. His focus includes hydroponics and creating controlled growth environments.


Dylan Lew is a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Materials Science and Engineering. He conducted fuel cell research under Dario Dekel in Israel, and worked on 3D printed parts for jets through GE Aviation. His expertise includes sustainable materials, renewable energy development, and additive manufacturing.

Dylan Lew


Kyle has always been fascinated by natural systems—manifesting through his current work in terrarium design. Trained in the study of biological research and ecology, Kyle has experience working with multiple innovative startup companies.