Globally, 30-40% of all food that is produced is wasted. This wastes not just the physical food but all of the resources and energy that go into producing and transporting these products.


Food waste decomposition produces 8.2% of global greenhouse gas emissions, a large amount of which is methane which is 84x more potent than CO2.


Current waste hauling practices cost businesses money while increasing traffic density and transportation emissions.

Synthetic fertilizer production uses up to 100 Gigajoules of energy per metric ton and results in toxic waste as well as nutrient runoff.


Ecotone Renewables was established to make sustainable food and agriculture systems more accessible and prevalent outside the industrial scale. Food is central to culture, health, and education, yet the current food system imposes danger on the environment by producing excess waste. This is why Ecotone is dedicated to building the tools necessary to empower communities to redevelop and grow through sustainable food practices.


Ecotone Renewables has developed the “Seahorse”, which reinvents the food and plant waste disposal system, taking food that would otherwise be wasted and turning it into renewable energy and nutrient-rich fertilizer, through the process of anaerobic digestion. Ecotone aims to close the food loop by transforming otherwise wasted food and energy into nutrients that restart the food loop.


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