Ecotone Renewables

Sustainable Food Systems for the Future

Our Mission

Ecotone Renewables was established to educate communities about sustainable practices of agriculture and to begin implementing and scaling these practices. Food is so central to our culture, health, and education, yet we see our current food system producing excessive waste and imposing dangers on the environment. This is why we are dedicated to building the tools and curriculum necessary to empower communities to redevelop and grow through sustainable food practices. Aquaponics plays an important role in this process as its ability to produce both fish and plants in an enclosed environment opens the door for urban agriculture. But this is only the beginning. We must address food waste, food distribution and soil conditions to truly build a resilient solution.

Let's get our hands dirty and begin implementing these practices across the country. Check out our latest systems and work below!


Our Product: The SeaHorse

The SeaHorse Digester first takes in food waste from local grocers, college dorms, restaurants, etc. From here, the SeaHorse uses anaerobic digestion principles to reuse this food waste and create electricity, fertilizer, and fresh produce. See below for a rendering of our system!


VISION: We believe that scaling down an anaerobic digestion system allows for small businesses to individually profit off of their own sustainable food practices. Small businesses will be relieved of food waste disposal costs, will generate produce locally, and will lower their own carbon footprint.


Sustainable Agriculture and Green Energy Practices


The SeaHorse captures and combusts all of the methane produce from the anaerobic digestion process. This eliminates any harmful emissions that can threaten our climate and environment.


Our process uses 90% less water than conventional farming techniques and can produce up to 10x the yields seen on traditional farms. Our produce is being spoonfed nutrients directly, resulting in better growing conditions.


The SeaHorse reuses food waste to produce vegetation, fertilizer, and electricity. Recycling this food waste places less strain on landfills and saves customers from paying waste disposal service costs.

Seahorse Outputs and Savings


Using an upstairs greenhouse, the SeaHorse is able to grow nutrient-dense plants and foods. This produce is locally sourced, cutting down on transportation costs faced by farmers.


The SeaHorse creates nutrient-rich fertilizer that can out-compete commercial fertilizers sold today. Our tests show that the SeaHorse's fertilizer is 40% higher in nutrients unit controlled phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium output


No added electricity bills come with our product! By combusting the captured methane gas in the system, the SeaHorse produces up to 2 GigaJoules (GJ) of energy and is able to power itself.


We have created Pittsburgh's first portable aquaponics farm!


In Construction

We were right next to the Gateway T-Station



Here is the SeaHorse in downtown Pittsburgh. The container has toured the city by relocating three times to Downtown, North Shore, and East Liberty.

Come down to East Liberty for a tour!



Here is another look of our system downtown!

Our Supporters!

We didn't do it alone– a lot of great people helped us along the way. Check out their organizations below!


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